Shipping to Kelby in Haiti

The following is the information needed to ship items to me in Haiti through my address with Agape Flights.  Any envelope under 2 pounds is considered mail and is free as part of my yearly membership dues.  It would be a great encouragement to receive mail on a regular basis from people I know!

Per Agape Flights request, and if you are shipping items and are interested in helping with the expenses of shipping, here is what you need to know.  The total cost of Shipping to Haiti is $4.00 per pound from Venice Florida to Port-au-Prince Haiti (this is in addition to your cost to send the package via USPS, FedEx or UPS). 

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 As part of the mission of Agape they cover $2.25 per pound of the cost from there budget.  I am responsible for $1.75 per pound.  If you go to their web site click on send a package.  This will allow you to pay for my cost for the package you are shipping.  It also allows you to cover part or all the cost of the shipment to help keep cost down for Agape flights.  “Missionary shipping costs” are a payment for provided services.  “Agape shipping costs” are a tax-deductible donation to a Non-Profit Organization. 

In the box at the top put my name “Kelby Klassen” (it is by personal name and not organization so please do not ship to “Kelby’s Kids”), my account number “PAP 29328,” and the weight or estimated weight of the package you are shipping (this will credit my account for your specific package).  You can also include any other information you feel is important.  Then fill in the desired amounts and complete the billing section.

This is all voluntary of course.  It is not mandatory for sending me a package.  All packages received without payment will be billed to my account and will come out of the operating budget for Kelby’s Kids.  Please just be conscious of the fact that many people send unsolicited “Free” packages to missionaries in Haiti which turn out to be unusable and cost the organizations $60.00 for a 15-pound box of free stuff with Agape shipping plus customs fees for each box, which can be very high and is unpredictable.    

Also, please be aware that a 3 to 6-week shipping period from you to Haiti is not abnormal.  So please do not ship perishable items that will not last during that period and in the heat.  Also, please do not send any expired items. 

download a printable PDF

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Send all mail and packages to
the following address:
Kelby Klassen - PAP 29328
c/o Agape Flights
100 Airport Avenue
Venice, FL  34285

Thanks so much!

Until No Child Dies,

Kelby Klassen for Kelby’s Kids