I was not ready to leave Haiti

I enjoyed my time there and would have been content to stay longer!

While sitting at the airport in Port-au-Prince, looking at Facebook, I saw posts from home about the snow on the ground. It made it all the more tempting to simply sneak out of the airport and not get on my plane! 

But I ended up boarding the plane on Sunday and I started my trip home. I finally arrived at my house in Reed City about 7:30 Monday night. My phone came alive with texts and facebook messages welcoming me home. It has been such an encouragement to have your support in this endeavor.

The many comments on Facebook after transporting our little Boo Boo Friday night were such a blessing. I know that with your continued support and encouragement will help make my ministry in Haiti possible in the future!

I am sitting at work now and I have much to do as I move forward. I really need to put my trip into a complete story for you — with pictures.  Give me a couple days for that. (I’ll also give you an update on little Boo Boo as well.)

Until then,