Happy Birthday!!

Kelby’s Kids is 1! 

Kelby’s Kids was incorporated and received it’s 501 (C) 3 status by the IRS on June 3, 2016!

I want to take a moment to cover some of the highlights of the last couple weeks and let you know what’s coming up.

Last week we had a few visitors to the clinic.  It was encouraging to be reminded of a few good things that have taken place!

The first one was this mother and her new baby.  In November I was down in the ravine with David and he pointed her out. He asked me to take care of her after finding out she was pregnant. He said that she has had 5 miscarriages. 

He asked if I could look after her and try to help her have her first child.  So, I have been giving her prenatal vitamins and checking her vitals and trying to be sure she was taking care of herself.  I told her to send for me if she needed any help. 

She had her baby last Sunday at home! 

She asked why I didn’t come to help her as she had sent for me.  As it turned out that was graduation Sunday and there was no one at the school. But thankfully there were no complications and she now has a healthy little girl!!

The reward for 8 months of work....  A little baby-snuggling time!!!

The reward for 8 months of work....  A little baby-snuggling time!!!

The second was a mother that you are familiar with. 

Rachel was the one that we found in the Ravine with severe preeclampsia.  She had an emergency C-section and had Naisha at just 1 Kilogram. 

I'm happy to say Naisha's weight has improved to over 3.7 Kilograms — and is a healthy little girl!!

Naisha is gaining so much weight!! Rachel is a good Mamma!

Naisha is gaining so much weight!! Rachel is a good Mamma!

Tuesday night I was called downstairs and told that there was a baby that had been brought into the yard. As I was walking up I could tell right away that there was a problem. 

It was reported that Roseline had rolled out of bed and fell on the floor. It was obvious that she had a significant head injury and a trip to the hospital was very necessary. The family had no means for transportation and certainly no money for a hospital.

She was only responding to painful stimulus and had the possibility that a brain bleed was occurring. So, Kelby's Kids committed to Roseline’s care.

After a quick trip to the hospital the frustration with the Haitian medical system would begin. 

In the U.S. (in most emergency rooms) it would only take a few minutes to be seen by a doctor if you brought in a 3-month-old with a depressed skull fracture.  But not in Haiti. 

They did a few things and told me I could go home and the doctors and neurologist would decide what should be done when they arrived the next day. I was very frustrated, but I went home. 

Thankfully while we were in the ER, Roseline awoke and started responding! And she  seemed to not even have much pain! 

The next day, 15 hours into the injury, it was decided that a CT scan should be done.

A standard CT scan on the left and a 3D view of the skull on the right.  Both showing the obvious fracture or indention to the skull.

A standard CT scan on the left and a 3D view of the skull on the right.  Both showing the obvious fracture or indention to the skull.

There was a very small spot on her brain which indicated an injury but it was decided that any corrective action would be more detrimental than helpful. We will just watch her and hope she doesn’t have any long term issues from this injury.

Roseline is such a happy little girl.

Roseline is such a happy little girl.

She continued to be a very happy little girl and seemed to be doing very well when we dropped her off at her little shack in the Ravine. She will bring her to the school on Monday so I can check on her if there are not any complications before then. 

The cost for Roseline’s care was just over $24,000 HTG. That's 15 weeks of work at minimum wage in Haiti. 

While that is only about $400.00 USD it is almost 30% of my current monthly budget.  If you’re not already a part of the work of Kelby’s Kids would you consider being a part of Roseline's care with a special one-time gift?

We had the privilege of having Brad Pitt visit our clinic this last week.  He really is a handsome little man!!

Brad Pitt himself!!

Brad Pitt himself!!

Summer is here and it’s time for summer camp!!  I am getting ready to go to Michigan for part of the summer**. 

I will be leaving Haiti today (June 21).  There is a lot of work to be done before I go and I will be worried about my kids while I will be gone. 

I have been working to get things lined up for the continued care of some of the patients I am working with while I am gone. Like this little guy.

Kelly has a sick heart and needs your prayers.

Kelly has a sick heart and needs your prayers.

This is Kelly who is 9 months old and also has a bad heart like Auze.  We found him at this week’s malnutrition clinic.  We will try to work him into the program as well to try to get him help outside of Haiti. 

** It’s been a long 8 months and I know I need a break if I am going to continue to be effective at 100% while serving in Haiti.  There is a constant level of frustration and emotional drain that occurs while your here.  I love working with the kids at camp as the medical staff and think it will be an important part of my ministry to take some time to serve, still loving on kids, but in a lighter atmosphere where kids aren’t dying routinely and parents aren’t neglecting their kids till there near death because you can get more support for the family with a sick child.

I will be home from June 22nd until August 23rd.  I have 6 weeks of camp scheduled.  I will be spending the other couple weeks visiting with friends and supporters as well as speaking with some churches and groups. 

If your group or church is interested in supporting Kelby’s Kids and would like to hear and see more about the work being done please contact me for further information and scheduling at Kelby@Kelbyskids.org

I can not even express my gratitude for your support in making the first year of Kelby's Kids a success!  So I will just say THANK-YOU from the children who you have given hope, health and life!!

Until No Child Dies