Sick... Sick... Sick...

Well, I have to apologize for the long delay since my last post! I think I caught the flu on the plane ride to Haiti after Christmas. 

I started to get sick on January 2nd and as of the 22nd I am still trying to get rid of the remains of it! It’s been annoying and counterproductive to the work of Kelby’s Kids, to say the least. 

Please pray that I don’t relapse or have any further problems as I continue to work alone to keep things going in Haiti.

The Prices are still on Furlough in the states so it’s left a lot of extra work for me to keep up with things on my own. Please be in prayer for Prices. Troy’s Dad passed away on January 13th.  This will greatly change the remainder of Troy’s time in the US.

Some of our patients were sick as well while I was gone.

One of the sets of twins that are in the Malnutrition program.Yvoson, mom, and Yvosia.

One of the sets of twins that are in the Malnutrition program.Yvoson, mom, and Yvosia.

When I arrived back in Haiti I found out that on December 27th Yvoson had died unexpectedly. 

His Mom said that he got sick with a fever.  She said that she took him to the hospital, and when they got there, the hospital told her he was dead. I asked her if the hospital had an idea how Yvoson dies, and the hospital had told her it was the fever. 

We gave Yvosia a good evaluation at clinic and she seems to be doing fine. Please pray for Yvosia and her mom as they deal with the loss of Yvoson.

I am sure you all remember our little miracle Davernile?  I have talked about her in several posts but the first was in the post: “The Lost Have Been Found” back on May 29th 2017.

Davernile after a big weight gain.

Davernile after a big weight gain.

We found out that on January 6th Davernile died.  She had been through so much.  She had beaten the odds several times even despite a mother that didn’t want her and a culture that thought she was evil because of her disabilities.  She was still able to hold on through so much.  It may have been a seizure that took her, they don’t know.  What we do know is that she now is enjoying love like she has never experienced, a body free from pain, and can climb into the arms of her Heavenly Father.

Thank-You to everyone that was a part of giving Davernile a better life during the short time she was here!

Last Tuesday at clinic a guy brought in a little baby Wedson, that didn’t look very good.  He was very dehydrated, his skin was in bad shape, and he wasn’t responding very well.  He said that the mom had gone crazy and had taken off when the baby was 3 days old (this has become the story for every child in the clinic as “dead moms” mean they have to bring us a death certificate, so "crazy mom" is much less work).  He said that he gives him sugar water when he cries. 

Wedson, not even being held very well by his dad.

Wedson, not even being held very well by his dad.

As I was assessing Wedson I could smell alcohol.  I had my translator ask him if he had been drinking.  He said yes.  I proceeded to start to chew him out over that fact that he could buy alcohol for himself and then come begging to me to feed his baby.  He then clarified that he wasn’t drinking. He had given Wedson some alcohol so he wouldn’t cry.  So, I continued to chew him out for that.  You don’t have to feed them very often if they sleep all the time. 

They do this regularly so they can leave their babies at home while they go to work all day.  I told him he better look a lot better next week and he assured me he would.  But he didn’t seem to be paying attention to my instructions.  I'm praying that Wedson will come back this Tuesday and will be healthier.

Do you remember this little guy from my last post?  Another set of twins to the program.

PIC 4.jpg

I am happy to report that they have gained weight and are doing much better! 

If you remember they came to the clinic and said mom was dead and we sent them to inpatient malnutrition.  Once there, they called them out and told them they were liars and the mom admitted she was actually the mom.

They came back to clinic last week.  They sat down in front of me and started lying with their sob story.  I told them I didn’t believe them and that they could leave.  My translator said that he knew they were lying too.  They didn’t want to leave.  I told them they were liars and they were leaving.  This made them mad despite the fact that everyone know Haitians love to lie and will lie even when it’s easier to tell the truth.  They want to tell you what they think you want to hear. 

This is why it’s hard to assess people because they are making up their symptoms to try to make you happy!  As they were heading to the gate one came back and said they used to be a part of Rhyan’s inpatient program and I had to help them. Then it clicked how I knew them.  I told them I would check and they could come back next week and get in if it was true.  I have a conversation with Rhyan. They are currently still in her program and had just received formula three days before they came to me. 

We are curious where they will return this week but if they come back to my clinic there story will be a little object lesson for the rest of the mammas since a good number of them are all friends.

Last week at medical clinic we had a little patient come in with an infection in his arm. 

We were full but he was let in as it looked serious. When Kervens came in he cried when I touched his arm.  His mom stated that another little boy pushed him down three days ago and he had cut his arm and it got some dirt in it, and it got infected. Upon evaluation of his arm it was determined that he had a displaced humerus fracture.  I was worried about bone infection if the cut was made from the bone and dirt got on the bone as well.  We sent him to a good hospital for further care.

Kervens was much happier with a cast to hold it still and some goodies to eat and drink!!

Kervens was much happier with a cast to hold it still and some goodies to eat and drink!!

While in the ER the mom confessed to the nurses that some time ago he broke his arm. No story was given but was probably not from playing. Then, to help reduce the swelling caused by the break, a steaming corn cob and held it on his arm while they tried to reduce it at home. So, his infection was actually a burn. It was a pretty inexpensive trip to the ER all things considered but still at $3,215 HTG is out of reach for most.  

Thanks for helping Kelby's Kids Take care of this need! I'm hoping to see Kervens again, but may not — since his mother knows we know the truth.

I’m not going to lie, I am sick and tired of being lied to and taken advantage by people lately.

I apologize that this post is not very uplifting.  But it’s not been a very uplifting couple of weeks here in Haiti. I am hoping my flu goes away and that this next week is a great week in the clinics with healthy kids! And I'm praying for truthful moms and dads to come through the doors!

Until No Child Dies,