Trouble on the streets of Haiti

I think that the trouble on the streets of Haiti have finally made its way to the American news after 9 days.  My phone has been busy all day with messages from people asking if I am safe, how things are going, and am I home or coming home?

I want to assure you that I am safe and doing well right now!!

Probably protesting only out of desperation for food and water with little understanding of the current government situation.

Probably protesting only out of desperation for food and water with little understanding of the current government situation.

You may have seen some of these images on the news.

I have not personally seen any of this though…

A hope that there is strength in numbers

A hope that there is strength in numbers

While the people are upset and have taken to the street, I live in a fairly quiet part of town. I have only seen a little bit of activity around the clinic and where I live (0.4 miles apart). But even so, caution must be taken on the streets even in our neighborhood.

While I would certainly not go out and travel around Port-au-Prince right now, as it’s not safe, but without social media I would know little of what was going on or be aware of a lot the dangers.

For safety reasons, many Americans have evacuated Haiti and more are leaving every day. Those of us left in our area, while not seeing fires everywhere, are very aware of the desperation of much of the country. Food is scarce, water is scarce, and fuel is scarce. And as Haitians get more desperate things will become more dangerous everywhere.

We are still having clinic each day but some days we get only a few or even no patients.  We have lost some of our patients to the situation and it’s sad that they can’t get to the clinic because of the condition of their neighborhoods. One of the dad’s came to malnutrition clinic dripping in sweat.  He said he dodged a lot of rocks on the way to clinic to get food for his son. 

Please pray for our patients that are unable to get to clinic for wound care, medications, food for the malnourished children, and medical care.

One of my patients told me today that “my country is so broken.” 

It broke my heart that he is so disappointed in his government (the main cause for the demonstrations) and in his people for the way they are responding to the crisis.

Please keep Haiti in your prayers. Pray peace would come to this nation, and people would be able to have their basic needs met. Pray that Kelby’s Kids will be able to remain and provide help for those who are unable to find enough water and could never have medical care if it were not free.

The need to evacuate is and will continue to be reevaluated frequently every day.  I will try to keep you updated on things as they happen.

Thank-You again for your concern, prayers, and support of the work of Kelby’s Kids!!  It is greatly appreciated!


On a lighter note, this girl turned 2 today!!  Happy Birthday Faeka!! 

PIC 3.jpg

Such a blessing to help you come into this world and watch you grow. 

Praying you can grow up in a Haiti that is not so broken!

Until No Child Dies,