Another Sick Baby And Another Ambulance

One of the moms from Maternity clinic brought her baby back the other day. She said baby hadn’t had any bowel movements for a couple days. 

She was asked to come back for some follow-up appointments, for a weight check, and an evaluation. But I didn’t see her until today. 

When I started to evaluate her, it was obvious that the baby was sick. 

PIC 14.jpg

She was very jaundice.  Her eyes were extremely yellow.  Her tongue was yellow, and when she would stick it out, even her skin was turning yellow. Mom had been only feeding her a couple times a day — and it simply wasn’t enough. 

PIC 15.jpg

She was obviously not doing well and would need specialized care I could no provide at the clinic. 

I knew St. Damion’s Children’s Hospital was her best option, but also knew the hospital was full. I called HERO, hoping that they would know of a way to get the baby admitted. 

They did! They got her accepted, but with the understanding that there wasn’t a bed for the baby, and mom would have to hold her the whole time. HERO came and picked her up, and transported her to the hospital. 

I’ve not heard any more about her, but I’m hopeful she’s doing OK and will return to the clinic someday soon!


Now …

Get ready for your cuteness fix for the day!!

PIC 16.jpg

Don’t you just want to kiss those cute little cheeks!!

Until next time.

Until No Child Dies,