Sorrow and Laughter

While I was in Michigan in April, I shared with you that one of our kids, Samuel.

PIC 9.jpg

He was involved in an accident where his mom was killed when struck by a vehicle. She was holding Samuel, and managed to toss him out of harm’s way just before she got hit.  Samuel escaped without serious physical injury — but Samuel was understandably very sad and wasn’t eating. His aunt was very worried about him. 

When I got back to Haiti, and was able to hold Samuel, and get him to laugh and simply love on him, it made my heart happy! 

I am happy to report that Samuel is doing better and eating well! He has graduated the malnutrition program and is doing much better now.  Please remember to pray for Samuel and his aunt, as she has taken all of her sisters’ kids as well as her own and is now raising nine kids all by herself.

Pic 10.jpg

Who knows, maybe those 2 fingers are better than a thumb…  they are popular here in Haiti!!

Until No Child Dies,