The Miracle Baby

On November 14th, Judith came to the Maternity clinic for the first time. 

On December 5th we did an ultrasound of her baby.  At first glance it was obvious that there was a problem.  The baby’s heart was much larger than it should have been. 

I took a video of the baby’s heart on the ultrasound screen and sent them off to my friend in Chicago (an OB nurse who gives me consults for my ultrasounds). 

Both the ultra sound tech and the Doctor said things weren’t looking good.  The doctor said the baby had a 0% chance of surviving in Haiti.

Doc said it would be difficult for baby, even if it were in a large hospital in the U.S. She said the baby would most likely not survive to full term.


Mom had a follow up appointment on December 12th. I’d listed one thing in the comments of her file: “Fetal Death Counseling.” 

It was very sad to have to tell her that the baby had no chance of surviving in Haiti.  I told her that we needed to monitor her to be sure that when the baby died that she delivered it before she got sick.

But, I also told her that I believed in miracles — and that I was not giving up until it was obvious that there was nothing more that could be done.

A week later, on December 18, Mom came in so I could check her and the baby. Mom told me she was going out to the Providences (people often go to the countryside when they are sick, as they feel it’s a healthier place).  I told her I was worried about her being in the rural country, with even less access to medical care. She said she was still going…

Fast forward a couple months, and in February, one of my translators got a call from the Mom.

Mom reported she had the baby! And it was alive! Due to the unrest at the time in Port-au-Prince, she hadn’t been able to get back to the clinic. Those were all the details we could get from her!   My translators asked her to come to the clinic just as soon as she could make it.  As time went on the possibility of survival seemed less and less likely.

And we didn’t see her again until May 1.


That’s the day Judith walked back into the clinic. But, on that day, Judith wasn’t by herself. She carried a baby in her arms — Melissa! A healthy and beautiful little baby Miracle! 

The Miracle baby!!

The Miracle baby!!

Melissa is a very healthy 14.3 pounds at 3 months old and doing very well!  While she has a very slight heart murmur it sounds like something she will soon outgrow. (WOW!)

I told Judith I hope she knows what a miracle her baby is! And that she should daily thank God, and raise Michelle to follow the Miracle-Worker.

It never seems like enough, so I want to say thank-you again! I hope you know what a true blessing you are! Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support of the ministry of Kelby’s Kids! Together we’re bringing hope and healing to so many! And, together, we’re witnessing miracles!

Until No Child Dies,