That Ship Has Sailed

Well, it’s official. The maiden voyage of Kelby’s Kids is in the books!

I was able to return to Haiti on November 8th for 10 days. It felt great to go back!  

I worked in some medical clinics, I helped out in an orphanage, and was able to hold some babies! I was able to spend time finding new ministries, meeting new people, and seeing old friends.

My first stop was to Nehemiah Vision Ministries (NVM) in Chambon. They have a large, new clinic and provide most of the medical care in the area — seeing 40-60 patients a day, 5 days a week. They also have a school, malnutrition program, church, and they'll be expanding their medical services in the near future. Their ministry is a very valuable asset to the community.

I was able to travel to Dessalines to the Ebenezer Glenn Orphanage (EGO). They are doing a wonderful work with the children in their care and have a lot of cute babies that are always available to be loved on. EGO has a clinic and it’s open two days a week to serve the community.  I was able to work with Dr. Jim in the clinic one day while he was on a construction team from Canton, Mich.

The bearing’s been set and the sails hoisted! This was the first of several trips to find organizations to partner with as I transition toward full time work with Kelby’s Kids. 

It is my hope to be back in Haiti in the next couple months to continue the process. Thank you for your interest and support of my work as I work toward this calling.


(To give you a visual sense of why I have a heart and passion for Haiti, I’ve uploaded a few photos from the trip to my Instagram account. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for a photo journal of the ministry experiences of Kelby’s Kids.)