My days in Haiti have been good!

Today began when I couldn't sleep past 5:40 a.m.  Too much light. Too much noise. Too much to think about.

So, it’s hot, it’s only 8:00 a.m., and my deodorant is already failing me!

My driver tells me he doesn't think that we can leave town today as planned (I had an appointment at  Mission of Hope today). But then he tells me we have a flat tire anyway! So we shall see what happens!

I am really hoping to make it to Mission of Hope. They have a great ministry to the Haitian people and I think they could be a great fit for me. But we shall see what today holds.

I am also working on volunteering for a shift with Hero Ambulance on Saturday. I think it will be an incredible experience. They do local emergency care and they have a service which provides care to members all over the country.

Life is good and I love Haiti!!

(It's hard to believe I’m only here for two more days.)