Larry and Jayme just left for the airport

I’m all on my own in Haiti until Sunday!

(This should be a good time to help me improve my Creole. My driver speaks a little bit of English and I speak a little bit of Creole. So this should be interesting.) 

Everyone here at the guesthouse is wonderful and I know they will take good care of me.

I went up the mountain (finally) on Monday and Tuesday. What an experience! I can't possibly type about all of it on my phone — so you’ll have to wait for those stories until I return home. What I can say is this: it's a whole ‘nother world 3,000 feet above Port-au-Prince!

It's time to really buckle down and visit as many ministries and guesthouses as possible within the next couple days.

Please pray that things will go well and that these next four days will be very productive in my search to discover where I need to be.

Til next time.