First Day of Life in Haiti

So far, things are good in Haiti! 

I arrived with Larry and Jayme — with no problems. We met Jayme’s friend — a police officer — at the airport, and we walked right through customs! Once outside the airport there was a change in plans and Larry and I got being picked up by a bishop for the Free Methodist Church. It was nice to have this little bit of unexpected, special treatment on our arrival.

Yesterday while we were out, we stopped by an organization called Rebuild Globally. They make shoes and sandals. Their project uses all local materials and all Haitian workers. The soles are made from the side walls of old car tires and the inside of the shoes are made from goat leather. The outer part of the shoe is a canvas material that’s made from recycled plastic pop bottles (really cool). They were very nice shoes and they’re made for school children to use with there uniforms.

We also got to stop by the guest house used by International Child Care Ministries.  It was a very nice location which could be a place of short-term lodging for my first couple months of full-time ministry.

On our way up the mountain to LaFond to do some work in a mountain village, we planned to stop by a university to learn about their nursing program  BUT, it's been raining all night and, on last report, many of the roads are either flooded or washed out. So, these plans are up in the air at this point. As a friend of mine on Haiti said, “you wake up and plan your day and by the time your feet hit the floor it's all changes.” So we shall see what this day holds.

Thank you, again, for your prayer support. The trip here was almost flawless. We are safe, I am healthy, and things are going fairly well considering how things go in Haiti!

Blessings on your day,