Blessings upon blessings!


We’re running another fundraising challenge this week! KEEP ON TRUCKIN’!

Following the thrill of our fundraising drive last week, ANOTHER anonymous donor has issued a challenge of their own! If we can raise $2,000 by the time I leave Michigan and land back in Haiti (on the afternoon of Aug. 4), THE DONOR WILL MATCH IT WITH $2,000 MORE! WOW! Your gift this week can be doubled for Kelby's Kids Vehicle Drive!

Help us raise $4,000 this week! Thank you!

(When making an online gift during this drive, or a gift by check, please put “Kelby's Kids Vehicle Fund” in the notes field. We want to make sure the gifts which may come in go toward their intended purpose. If you've already given to the Vehicle Fund, but don't know if you specified it during the donation process, can you drop us a simple email to let us know your intention. Thanks!)