Home Is Where The Heart Is

It’s so good to be back home in Haiti!! 

It’s a little hotter than Michigan (except what I brought back with me the end of June, you're welcome!) but I am readjusting quickly.  My time at the summer camps was a blessing and a needed break from Haiti but I missed my kids and the people I work. I was ready to come back.

It was a busy day on Monday for medical clinic. We had some additional help so we were able to see over 75 patients. 

We started the morning by seeing with a young lady who woke up to her sister cutting her up —  because her sister was high on drugs. She needed some stitches and antibiotics for her wounds.

Tuesday was a more relaxed day for me in the malnutrition clinic as the PA who was here assessed the kids as they came through. It was good to see the kids that have been in the program for a while, as well as new ones that started while I was gone.

I was a little worried how Wednesday would go for the maternal health clinic with 28 patients scheduled. 

I hate to have the mamas setting on wooden benches for hours waiting to be seen. There were 8 patients that did not come for their appointments. I am worried about them and hope they will be able to come to the clinic this coming week. 

Please pray with me for these moms as some of them were not due for a while and some had some underlying medical issues. It’s hard to say what may have happened to them while I was gone. 

I gained five new patients, two of which made appointments with me before I left for Michigan. But the other three were walk ins. So, we continue to grow! 

We had five moms come in with their new babies this week!  It's always encouraging to have positive success stories because of the maternity clinic!

One of my moms got a little excited to graduate from the program while I was gone.

Daylon at 6 weeks old and 5.4 pounds

Daylon at 6 weeks old and 5.4 pounds

Daylon was born at 32 weeks on June 28th, the day after I left Haiti.  He was 3.96 pounds when he was born and is was up to 5.43 pounds on August 8.  I am very happy that Daylon is doing well and his mom is taking good care of him!

I want to give you an update on the vehicle fund drive that kicked off on July 16th.  I am so blessed and humbled to report that, after four weeks of fundraising, our fund total sits at $12,287.62! 

Hopefully we are about half way there! 

I just saw a post on one of the Missionary Facebook pages yesterday where someone asked the vehicle question. There was an overwhelming push in the comments on that post to buy new and buy in-country. Many people had bad luck with used vehicles in Haiti. As well as when they'd ship U.S. vehicles into the country. 

Many missionaries indicated our current amount of over $12,000 would not even cover shipping and customs fees on a good vehicle! (WOW!) Many stated how paperwork issues delayed the pick up by months from customs — and there's a customs charge of $20.00 USD per day for storing the vehicle! 

Continue to pray for discernment as I continue this process of finding a vehicle I can afford. 

Personally, buying a vehicle for the ministry isn't as rewarding as feeding a little baby. But I believe it's what's needed to help the ministry become more effective and grow.

If you haven't given yet, please consider a tax-deductible contribution to our Vehicle Fund.

It's all about the kids!

It's all about the kids!

I am going to work at shortening the blog posts a little and making them a little more frequent in hopes that people will have the time to read them. 

Many people have said that they run out of time and get behind on the blog.

I'm so thankful for each person who has been a part of Kelby’s Kids through prayer, encouragement, and support!  The children of Haiti are blessed because of you!

Until No Child Dies.