Stories by the Day!

I have to apologize, again, for how long it’s been since I posted a blog update. Time has gotten away from me with everything else that needs to be done and how busy the clinics have been. 

I know that you don’t like long posts as you don’t have time to read all of it.  So, to catch up, I decided to post a “story of the day” every day for the next 10 days! I hope that way you will be able to catch up with what’s going on with Kelby’s Kids!

The first thing I need to let you know and say a HUGE THANK-YOU for is providing a vehicle for the work of Kelby’s Kids in Haiti!!!  After almost a year it has finally happened!!  A vehicle fund campaign was started back in July of 2018 to raise funds for a vehicle.  You generously stepped up to the cause and provided the needed funds. BUT, it would take almost 8 months and almost $1,500.00 just to complete my residency permit, drivers license, and other government documents which allows you the ability to buy a vehicle in Haiti. (This hoops you have to jump through are a great source of frustration here for many who serve in Haiti.)

After a lot of research and talking with other people in Haiti, watching the missionary pages on Facebook, as well as encouragement from many of the donors, the board and myself felt a new vehicle was the best stewardship of the money that was entrusted to us for a long-term plan. 

The Haiti environment is very hard on vehicles, and yet the cost of used vehicles remains very high (despite the low-quality of a used cars).  Just yesterday, on a Haiti Facebook page, I saw a 1996 Geo Tracker posted for sale at $2,800.00!

I am excited to share with you the Nissan Patrol that you have provided to this ministry!

Kelby’s Kids Nissan Patrol

Kelby’s Kids Nissan Patrol

This vehicle has no frills, no power anything, but is built for the roads of Haiti and designed to last a long time in difficult conditions.  It is my prayer that this vehicle provides a lot of years of services to Kelby’s Kids and saves many lives.

It was always difficult when people would call me and ask for help and often times, I had to tell them that if you can get to me, I can help you but I don’t have a way to come to you right now.  That will no longer be an issue!  It actually transported its first patient within 24 hours of pulling into the driveway!

Stay tuned tomorrow (and for the rest of the week) for some exciting stories from the clinics — and, of course, cute pictures of babies!

THANK YOU AGAIN for your continued support of the work of Kelby’s Kids. Together we’re changing lives and bringing hope and healing to the kids and people of Haiti.

Until No Child Dies