It Could Break Your Heart, But Good Things DO Happen!

Back in December, Momma W. came into the clinic. She wasn’t even 18. 

She was pregnant and looking for some help, because she wasn’t sure if her baby was well. She was about 20 weeks (about half-way through her pregnancy). She was worried about her baby, and when she learned about the maternity clinic, she came to see if we could help her. 

You see, life in Haiti is very hard and it’s not uncommon for complications resulting in the loss of the baby or mom or both. And that scenario is, unfortunately, accepted as “the way it is” in this country.

But this mom had an additional concern in the back of her mind.

In September, when she first learned she was pregnant, she also learned her boyfriend didn’t want the baby. So, he and his friends held her down and forced her to drink alcohol, and force-fed her several “abortion pills.”

Despite the boyfriend’s plans, God had other plans. 

Because, when we gave her a checkup, the baby was doing just fine!

We accepted her as a patient and took care of her throughout the rest of her pregnancy … and in April she delivered a healthy little boy!

The “Miracle” of Life!!

The “Miracle” of Life!!

We are thankful for a healthy baby and a healthy mom and the opportunity to share with her and show her the love of Jesus!

On a related note: I have talked a couple times about the “cone of drugs.”  I finally got a picture of one the other day.

The cone of drugs — a mobile drug store

The cone of drugs — a mobile drug store

This is the walking drug store. In this picture you can easily see Amoxicillin, Keflex, Cipro, Ampicillin, Doxycycline, and more — and he isn’t even well-stocked! 

This is the guy you walk up to and tell him you need to have an abortion, and he gives you a hand full of pills. Sadly, it’s that simple.

Until No Child Dies,