We Love Them Healthy and Cute!

Children are a blessing from the Lord!!  And we are blessed with a lot of them in the clinics!

Some of the kids are scared of us.  

They say that a truly malnourished kid will not smile — and it’s true. But some of the kids really blossom after being in the malnutrition program and get healthy! 

PIC 4.jpg

This is Joseph (dad must have really wanted a boy…) and she is almost 3 years old.  She has been in the malnutrition program and is about ready to graduate.  She came in at 7.93 Kg and is now up to 10.37 kg. 

The last couple weeks as soon as I get out of the car she starts yelling “how are you!” over and over.  She waits patiently for her turn in the clinic. She loves to come in and be seen. She loves my stethoscope and helps me move it around when I listen to her lungs, heart, and tummy. Then it’s my turn after she is done. I think she might be a doctor when she grows up. 

I pray that Joseph can help to change Haiti!

PIC 5.jpg

Please pray for all the kids in the malnutrition program.  I wish you could experience clinic for just one week. It is such a blessing to be a part of their little lives!

PIC 6.jpg

A little extra cuteness for today!

Unfortunately, the red bracelet the baby is wearing indicates a voodoo ritual. We work frequently with parents to help them understand the voodoo won’t protect their child — and what the Bible say about these things health and healing and protection.

Until No Child Dies,